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Non-diet accounts to follow

Ditching diet culture and switching up the story can feel like an uphill battle when everyone around is singing the same old tune. Ever found yourself aiming to eat in tune with your body or pick healthier options, only to be told you’re not doing it “right”? Or tried to get cozy with the idea of loving yourself just as you are, but the “ideal” bodies don’t match up with yours everywhere you look?

You’re definitely not on this journey solo. It’s not just the folks we bump into every day; our screens are bombarded with these messages too. With most of us glued to social media for a couple of hours daily, that’s a whole lot of diet culture vibes we’re soaking up, especially if our feeds are packed with it.

And here’s the scoop on social media like Instagram: they’ve got this algorithm thing that’s supposed to make our scrolling more interesting by showing us stuff we’ve shown interest in before. So if I’m all over #cleaneating and similar accounts, my feed’s going to be a mirror of that. Handy when it’s stuff that lifts you up, but it’s a slippery slope into a diet culture spiral if it’s not. That endless scroll can quickly turn into a dive into some not-so-healthy thinking patterns.

Non-diet accounts to follow on Instagram

Non-Diet Dietitians & Other Health Providers

  1. @balanceandbitedietitian
  2. @Evelyntribole
  3. @aaronfloresrdn
  4. @bodyimage_therapist
  5. @dietitiananna
  6. @lisajdubreuil
  7. @thewellful
  8. @body_peace_liberation
  9. @bodypositiveyoga
  10. @fatbodypeace
  11. @fionawiller
  12. @laurathomasphd
  13. @themindfuldietitian
  14. @streetsmart.rd
  15. @bodyimagewithbri
  16. @heytiffanyroe
  17. @drchrisbjorndal
  18. @therdnutritionist
  19. @lindsaystenovec_rd
  20. @diet.culture.rebel
  21. @alissarumseyrd

Non-diet Fitness Professionals

  1. @bodypositiveyoga
  2. @bodypositivefitness
  3. @curvyyoga
  4. @diannebondyyogaofficial
  5. @decolonizingfitness
  6. @the.intuitive.trainer
  7. @practicewithdana
  8. @emmafitnessphd
  9. @sweatinmascara
  10. @kanoagreene

Empowering Non-Diet & HAES Educators 

  1. @Bodyimagemovement
  2. @yrfatfriend
  3. @fierce.fatty
  4. @fatpositivefertility
  5. @sonyareneetaylor
  6. @comfyfattravels
  7. @meghantonjes
  8. @nalgonapositivitypride
  9. @shesallfatpod
  10. @iamchrissyking
  11. @chubstr
  12. @i_weigh
  13. @Ellanabryan
  14. @Colormecourtney
  15. @meganjaynecrabbe
  16. @zachmiko
  17. @kelvindavis
  18. @glitterandlazers
  19. @alexfoodfreedom
  20. @thefuckitdiet 

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