We're all at *different* stages of our food & body journey

That's why we have two options to work together

Telehealth Dietitian

1:1 sessions plus - on- demand learning hub, access to a community of women just like you, plus so much more 

*More* than
1:1 sessions


new to this non-diet world? you may want to start here. Let's unpack your relationship with food & body image one session at a time 

1:1 Sessions


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Not sure which dietitian services you need?

Wondering what our telehealth dietitian can help you with?

Learn how to slowly let go of food restriction and body obsession. So you can say hello to more time, energy and  brain space.

Learn how to feel more in control around food by getting to the root causes of your binge eating with curiosity and compassion rather than judgement

Learn how to adopt the principles of intuitive eating to improve your relationship with food and your body (and not to sound too dramatic, but change your life)

Disordered Eating

Looking for weight-inclusive diabetes or PCOS support?
I've worked with hundreds of women to manage their hormones and glucose levels using non-diet strategies and advice

Don't have an Eating Disorder Care Plan? You may be eligible to access a rebate from your health fund if you are covered for dietitian services. The rebate amount will depend on your policy and level of dietetic cover

Anyone with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is eligible for 20 dietetic sessions with an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) within 12 months. And will receive a Medicare rebate of $63ish for each appointment. 

Can you claim a rebate for your dietitian services?

Your Online Dietitian

Oh, Hey ... I'm Erin 

Like most Dietitians, I started my career bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to “improve people’s health” with my weight loss focused training. But it took all of one day in a real-world clinic to realise this approach was so *not* fetch. So, I’ve spent the past decade unlearning 70% of my weight-centred uni degree to hone my weight-inclusive, HAES & non-diet approach (Yes, I’ve considered asking for a HEC’s refund) 

My mission? To free you from body hate, unrelenting food standards, and noisy diet culture because, IMO, you’ve got *way* more important things to do with your one freaking fabulous life! 

Binge Eating Dietitian

AKA- Your food and body image counsellor, space holder, tissue hander-outer 

I’ve absolutely loved working with Erin. She made me feel safe and comfortable to open up straight away. I have a habit of talking too much, but nothing I said ever felt like too much, I always felt like she was listening to what I was saying. 

Gemma, 36 - Australia

I was very nervous to start working with a Dietitian again, but Erin calmed my nerves immediately. It’s been nice to build my trust in health professionals again, and I actually look forward to our sessions each week 

Steph, 29 - Australia