Welcome to a world where food feels easy and your bodie's no longer the enemy!

Why The Co-Pilot

This isn't a program - it's a "de-program" 
Every session with Erin I feel like I'm letting go of all the unhelpful beliefs I've learned about food and my body and held onto for decades. The negative voices in my head are becoming more managable and I'm actually surprising myself when I reach for an apple, not because it's "healthy" but because I feel like it. 

Jess, 41 - Australia

You constantly use food to cope with emotions (and beat yourself up for doing so) 

You want to lose weight but also hate the idea of going on another diet (and know they don't work)

Your mind's consumed with food & body thoughts (not the fun kind) 

Your out of control around food (maybe even addicted) aND bINGE often

does this sound familiar?

You want more energy and to be healthier, but you feel like no matter what you try, nothing works 

You're Frustrated And Feeling Stuck

And, Maybe you're scared to start another "health" thing 'cause you already feel like you're going to fail

I know it feels hard right now, but you’re in the right place. 

Reconnect with (and honour) your hunger and fullness cues, and not feel like you have to finish everything on your plate

Go from bingeing 4-5 days a weeks to forgetting you have ice cream, chocolate, and lollies in the house

Quiet your inner food police (aka critic) and eat the foods you enjoy with the guilt, shame or drama

What if you could

Move away from punishing your body and actually look forward to movement and planning, preparing and cooking healthy meals

Erin, your support has been life-changing. When I first considered working with a dietitian again, I was nervous—I had tried everything over the past 40 years.

Your compassionate approach helped me overcome those fears and transform my life. Thanks to you, I've embraced intuitive eating and feel empowered to nourish my body.

Helen, 52 - Australia

Sound too good to be true? That's what Helen thought too...

Ready to put in the work to change, just don't know where to start?

A high-touch coaching experience that transforms your relationship with food and your body.

So you can stop the daily body hate and food obsession and boost your energy (mentally & physically) 




What's Included
Plus these extras

That's not all, when you join the program you'll also receive these bonuses:

Content Hub




Check Ins


We'll kick off with a 90-min VIP deep dive, then weekly sessions in month one, shifting to fortnightly sessions in months two and three.

1:1 Coaching


These check-ins are like your personal flight dashboard, where we'll track your journey and top up the fuel tank to ensure you have the energy and right flightpath to keep learning. 

Imagine having a dietitian in your back pocket, ready to cheer you on through the tough food moments, celebrate your wins and trouble shoot in turbulent times. 

All the tips, tools and strategies I use with clients this is your personal toolkit, with everything from meal planning to handling tough body image days.

valued at $240

Hit the ground running with a personalised welcome pack. You'll find a Gift Card and curated list of inspiring books to listen to or read.  Plus, we've included our Co-Pilot Food & Mood Journal to help you connect the dots between your diet and emotions. It's not just fun goodies; it's the start of your personalised path to success!"

Welcome Kit & My Go-To Resources

valued at $2,400

Each fortnight join this safe and inclusive safe as we delve into a different topic to compliment what we discuss in our 1:1 sessions. Drawing on the principles of Intuitive Eating we're could chat about anything from navigating diet culture, to expanding your emotional toolkit, and adopting a gentle approach to nutrition

Fortnightly Live Coaching Sessions 


so, are you ready to stop flying around in circles and invest in yourself? 

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I’ve absolutely loved working with Erin. She made me feel safe and comfortable to open up straight away. I have a habit of talking too much, but nothing I said ever felt like too much, I always felt like she was listening to what I was saying. 

Gemma, 36 - Australia

I was very nervous to start working with a Dietitian again, but Erin calmed my nerves immediately. It’s been nice to build my trust in health professionals again, and I actually look forward to our sessions each week 

Steph, 29 - Australia

Someone to keep to help you navigate those critical inner voices, fly a different path and give you the tools to become your own co-pilot. 

trying to stop listening to the little voice in the back of your head on your own is nearly impossible.

Let’s be honest

That’s why you need a co-pilot!

Founder of Balance and Bite & Your Co-Pilot

Oh, Hey ... I'm Erin 

Like most Dietitians, I started my career bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to “improve people’s health” with my weight loss focused training. But it took all of one day in a real-world clinic to realise this approach was so *not* fetch. So, I’ve spent the past decade unlearning 70% of my weight-centred uni degree to hone my weight-inclusive, HAES & non-diet approach (Yes, I’ve considered asking for a HEC’s refund) 

My mission? To free people from body hate, unrelenting food standards, and noisy diet culture because, IMO, you’ve got *way* more important things to do with your one freaking fabulous life! 

Binge Eating Dietitian

AKA- A food and body image counsellor, space holder, tissue hander-outer 

Get To Know Me

With a decade of experience helping hundreds of clients, we've learned that adding more "baggage" (e.g. nutrition information or piling on more "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts") isn't the answer. Instead, we first focus on the root causes of our food and body image struggles.

Imagine you're renovating a house. Before you add any new fixtures, you need a solid foundation, right? It's no different to our relationship with food and our bodies. We unpack your "suitcase" of past experiences, beliefs, and habits to understand what's there, why it's there, and what needs to go. 

Once we've reset your foundation and cleared space in your suitcase (aka - brain space), we delve into simplifying nutrition info and reframing movement so you actually want to continue what you learn. 

The Co-Pilot gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to keep learning and flying solo even after our 12 weeks together. It's like having a buddy in the cockpit with you, making the journey smoother until, eventually, you're ready to take the controls on your own.

That's what makes this ride truly one of a kind.

What makes the
co-pilot unique?

Not Your Average Health Program 

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Ready to jump aboard?

Are you ready?

Are stuck in the cycle of dieting, restriction, and bingeing (and want to learn how to get out of it)

Feel guilty, frustrated or embarrassed about your eating habits and body image struggles 

Know diets don’t work but have no idea how to break free of their grasp and let go of the desire to shrink your body size 

Ready to rewrite your food and body story so you can get on with living your life 

Looking for a more flexible, fun and sustainable approach to health and wellbeing 

The co-pilot is for brave humans who ... 

Wondering if this program is right for you?

Erin x

Drown out diet culture (aka stop letting Aunt Jenny's comments at the dinner table send you into a downward spiral)

Reduce binge eating and confidently use other tools to cope with emotions (not just food) 

Know what hunger and fullness feel like for you and consistently honour your hunger by eating consistently (bye restriction & deprivation) 

Reduce your fear of weight gain, continue developing body acceptance and feel more confident in your body

Keep the house full of *all* foods to quickly whip up filling and satisfying meals or grab a snack without the drama

Make looking after yourself and moving your body fun, enjoyable and sustainable

At the end of 3-6 months of coaching you'll have the knowledge, tools and skills to 

What you can expect


so, are you ready to stop flying around in circles and invest in yourself? 

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How much does it cost you  being stuck in the diet cycle every month?

Can I ask you a question?

On The Fence?


Curious? Ask Away

I get where you're coming from! While we're all about breaking free from the dieting rollercoaster and building a healthier food relationship, we know that deep down, you might want to lose weight. But here's the thing: the desire to be smaller is what's messing up our relationship with food - that's why we don't focus on weight.
I believe two things can be true at the same time. So, if you're open-minded and curious to try a new approach that doesn't focus on weight, you're in the right place. But look, I know that topic is nuanced and complex, so if you're struggling, why not drop me an email at hello@balanceandbite.com.au. We can chat and see if this is right for you? 

What if I want to lose weight?

I hear you loud and clear! Diving into something new sounds like just another task, right? But here's the good news: we've designed this to be super doable, even for the busiest bees. Think of it as a tiny slice of your week – max an hour. Plus, you can dive into the content and catch up on group chats whenever it fits your schedule. And guess what? You've got me on speed dial (well, sort of) with Voxer for those in-between moments when you need a nudge or a high-five.

I'm time-poor; will this add more to my plate?

First up, we kick things off with a one-on-one deep dive – just you and me. We'll sift through what's been tripping you up with food and body stuff and even peek at any nutritional gaps. You'll get hooked up with all the tools of the trade – mood journals, Voxer, you name it. We'll sketch out a game plan that's all about your goals. And from there? It's all about weekly check-ins, updates, and plenty of group and one-on-one support. It's like having your own cheer squad for three whole months.

How is the program structured?

It really depends on where you're at in your recovery and what you're dealing with. If you have binge eating disorder, this could be perfect for you. But let's make sure it is with a quick call; if not, I'll recommend another practitioner or resource. 

Is this program safe for someone with an eating disorder?

Let's be honest: untangling years (or decades) of diet trauma and body image struggles can take more than 12 weeks. The co-pilot is designed to give you a kickstart and the toolkit to keep going after we finish. However, further support is available post-program to continue your progress, tailored to your needs.

What if I need more than 12 weeks of support?

To maintain a high level of support, each round is limited to 5-10 participants, ensuring personalised attention.

How many people are in each round?

What if I can't make this round?

Doors will actually stay open for people to join throughout the year. 
The only downside to not joining now is missing out on the live coaching sessions 

Drop me an email at hello@balanceandbite.com.au

Have Another Question?

I'm so ready to work with you, how do I join?

Woo Hoo - You're awesome! not for wanting to work with me, but for investing in yourself.

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