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You Want To Feel In Control Around Food, But right now It Feels Impossible

Even the slightest emotional trigger like boredom, stress or loneliness can lead to out-of-control eating, fueled with shame, guilt and self-loathing. 

Often eating past the point of comfortable fullness, thinking, “what the hell” I’ve eaten this much; I might as well keep eating.

Maybe you’re even secretly eating foods, embarrassed to share your behaviours with those around you.

Perhaps you tell yourself each day you’ll stop, but the urge to binge comes back even stronger. 
You’ve got the best intentions and know it’s impacting your physical, emotional and social wellbeing, but taking back control over the food is hard … especially on your own. 

And we get it; asking for help can feel just as hard.

My mission? To free people from body hate, unrelenting food standards, and noisy diet culture because, IMO, you’ve got *way* more important things to do with your one freaking fabulous life! 

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