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Learn what intutive eating is, how it works and how it can help me 

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Sometimes we know we want to change, but have no idea where to start.

In this complimentary 20 min zoom call let me know what's going on for you, I'll explain how I can support you and see if I'm the best person to support you right now.  

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Over my eight years practising as a Dietitian I've seen a lot. But the one thing I couldn't ignore any longer was the rampant weight stigma and fat bias in our healthcare system. 

I've spent years unlearning my traditional weight centred approach. I now support women to feel healthier with a non-diet, weight inclusive approach using my nutrition counselling skills. 

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I don't weight my clients, I don't recommend boring meal plans, and I don't assume the health status of my clients based on their BMI or appearance. 

For many of my clients this is not their first time working with a Dietitian. However it is the first time they're in the driving seat, where they have agency and a choice in their health. 

What does that mean?

“After decades of struggling with dieting and feeling exhausted when it comes to eating I finally feel confident in myself to choose the foods my body needs. Intuitive eating was something I had heard of before our sessions, but having Erin help explain and guide me through the process was essential in actually changing my behaviour and moving away from my persistent dieting mentality.”

"Erin changed how I view food and myself."

“I’ve seen several dietitians over the years and had made some progress but always seemed to find my way back into my old bad habits. Learning about intuitive eating has been a new concept, but after 8 weeks now of trial and error, I’m feeling more confident in listening to my body and my food choices.”

"I never thought I'd be able to feel this way"


What's your eating type?

Discover your eating personality and how it may be impacting your relationship with food. 


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