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Say bye-bye to food and body obsession. Say hello to time, energy and (your old friend) brain space.

Silence unhelpful food rules, thoughts and beliefs and make eating something you actually look forward to. 

External gratification’s *so* overrated. Rebuilding trust with yourself, now that’s what we’re about.

Get your brain back

Ex-Binge Eater | Accredited Practicing Dietitian | Intuitive Eating Counsellor | Certified Eating Disorder Clinician

Oh, Hey ... I'm Erin 

AKA- A food and body image counsellor, space holder, tissue hander-outer 

Like most Dietitians, I started my career bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to “improve people’s health” with my weight loss focused training. But it took all of one day in a real-world clinic to realise this approach was so *not* fetch. So, I’ve spent the past decade unlearning 70% of my weight-centred uni degree to hone my weight-inclusive, HAES & non-diet approach (Yes, I’ve considered asking for a HEC’s refund) 

My mission? To free people from body hate, unrelenting food (and beauty) standards, and noisy diet culture because, IMO, you’ve got *way* more important things to do with your one freaking fabulous life! 

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My Story

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Ready to ditch diets, accept your body & stop letting food dominate your life?

I’ve absolutely loved working with Erin. She made me feel safe and comfortable to open up straight away. I have a habit of talking too much, but nothing I said ever felt like too much, I always felt like she was listening to what I was saying. 

Gemma, 36 - Australia

I was very nervous to start working with a Dietitian again, but Erin calmed my nerves immediately. It’s been nice to build my trust in health professionals again, and I actually look forward to our sessions each week 

Steph, 29 - Australia

Diets feeling like a toxic ex? You know they’re a bad idea, but you keep going back for one last try. 

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