Weight Loss Specialists

Fed up with dieting? Want to feel energised again? Sick of feeling lost when it comes to food? 

We’ll help you lose weight for good and regain your confidence! 

Non-Diet Approach 


The non-diet approach focuses on noticing internal body cues to rebuild your relationship with food. Rather than traditional dieting, the non-dieting approach encourages awareness and mindfulness of external food triggers to achieve more sustainable results.  Non-dieting avoids common diet behaviours like restricting calories, frequent weigh-ins and recording calorie intakes.

At Balance and Bite, our Dietitian’s draw on years of experience to provide sustainable results. We listen to our client’s challenges and work together to develop achievable goals changing ingrained lifestyle habits to improve their health and their life.

 Behaviour Change 

In order to help our clients lose weight for good, we must address unhealthy behaviours. We take the time to understand the underlying cues of these behaviours and work together to develop healthier habits and behaviours.

Nutrition Knowledge

We’re born with the ability to eat however often we’re never taught what we need to eat or how much. We’ll help you learn how to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.


 Goal Setting 

No two people are the same. Everyone has different lifestyles which require different energy and nutrients. We take the time to understand each client need and customise their plan

 Performance tracking

In order to measure the success of our program we take baseline physical measurements, however focus less on physical changes in the short term. We set small achievable and realistic goals focusing on behaviours rather than measurements. 

Book A Free 15 Minute Strategy Call


We want to help people change their lives!

We don’t offer diets, we focus on behaviour change, which if you have ever tried changing before know that it can be challenging and take time.

That’s why we ask each of our clients to book in for a free 15-minute strategy call to make sure we’re the right fit for you.

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Our Dietitians 

Erin Murnane

Erin Murnane

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Over the past 8 years working as a Dietitian Erin has helped countless people improve their health.  Working across a range of clinical and community settings helping people with a variety of health issues. Now specialising in her passion helping people gain control of their health and empowering them to make sustainable changes. 

Member of the Dietitians Association of Australia






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