Non Diet Approach

Loose weight without dieting

What is the non-diet approach?

The non-diet approach focuses on noticing internal body cues to rebuild your relationship with food. Rather than traditional dieting, the non-dieting approach encourages awareness and mindfulness of external food triggers to achieve more sustainable results.  Non-dieting avoids common diet behaviours like restricting calories, frequent weigh-ins and recording calorie intakes.


Why we use the non-diet approach

Over the years using working with hundreds of clients wanting to lose weight we have seen success in both the diet and non-diet methods, however, the most successful and sustainable results have always been seen in our clients who have followed the non-diet approach. Empowering individuals to change their unhealthy behaviours, tune into their innate internal cues while simultaneously improving their food literacy has always proved more successful for weight loss in the long term.

Is weight loss the goal of the non-diet approach?

Yes and no!

The most common reason for people failing to achieve their weight loss goals is because they are focusing on the wrong goal. While it’s important to have a long term goal (losses 20kg) it should be the focus of your energy. On the non-diet approach we use small achievable goals (go to the gym 2 times this week, eat vegetable in every meal this week, go for a walk every morning before work). These goals are more sustainable and actually make weight loss and outcome of achieving your goals rather than the goal yourself. We spend time with our clients identifying which habits and behaviours are sabotaging their health and facilitate achievable, realistic and timely goals.  Overall this leads to more sustainable results because people are constantly achieving their goals and maintains motivating to continue on their health journey. 

The research behind the diets

According to research findings (and our experience) following a diet will almost always result in weight regain usually resulting in a higher weight prior to the diet beginning. So why is dieting so popular? The answer is simple, it provides quick results. Nearly everyone who has been on a diet could attest that they lost weight, that’s because weight loss is a simple equation – fewer calories in (eat less) and more calories out (more exercise). Restricting calories and exercising more can be done for a short period of time, however, over time people become fatigued or don’t achieve their unrealistic weight no the scales so they fall back into old habits regaining weight. 


“Re-learning to listen to our internal food cues empowers us to make the healthiest choices for our bodies”

Jane Doe





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