Binge Eating Freebie

Binge eating Freebie

Ready to feel in control around food again?

Download this free 3-part audio series designed to help you  understand why you’re binge eating and give you the tools to break free from food controlling you!

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    Part 1

    It’s not you, it’s society!

    Understand why binge eating is not your fault and why millions of Australian’s feel out of control around food! 

    Part 2

    How we got here & why you’re feeling stuck

    Learn the four most common triggers that lead to binge eating or feeling out of control around food. Start to think about why *your* specific causes of binge eating and how you can shift the blame away from yourself! 

    Part 3

    The keys to food freedom!

    Discover these easy-to-implement strategies you can start experimenting with immediately! Depending on *your* specific reasons for Binge eating, unlock the door to food freedom and start feeling more in control around food again. 


    Accredited Practicing Dietitian | Intuitive Eating Counsellor | Certified Eating Disorder Clinician

    AKA- A food and body image counsellor

    Like most Dietitians, I started my career providing weight loss advice to “improve people’s health”, but it didn’t take long for me to realise this approach created more problems than solutions. I’ve spent years unlearning my traditional weight-centred education and now adopt a weight-inclusive, HAES & non-diet approach.

    I’m on a mission to free people from body hate, unrelenting food standards, and the constant diet culture narratives. Drawing on my lived experience, counselling skills and intuitive eating principles, I help my clients regain control over food, accept their bodies, and free their minds of relentless food and body concerns, so they can focus on more important things in life.

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