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At Balance and Bite, we’re not only non diet dietitian’s we’re also online dietitian’s. That’s because we don’t have any intentions of weighing you, measuring you or making you sit in chair you don’t want to sit in for an hour.

Our virtual 1:1 sessions are not about losing weight. If you’re thinking, but you’re a dietitian you’re supposed to help people lose weight. 

Well actually I’m supposed to help people be the healthiest version of themselves and more common that not that has nothing to do with your weight.

We use intuitive eating principles to help you heal your relationship with food and love your body your body.

 Wondering if I’m the right fit for you? Book a free 15 minute chat and we can delve a little more into your situation and what you’re after. 


Initial Session

(75 minutes) 


What’s included:  This initial session is as much about getting to know each other as it is about goal setting. We’ll start by discussing your food and exercise habits, identifying your health concerns and challenges, values, goals and what motivates you! The majority of the session will establish clear goals and small, realistic steps to achieve these goals.  

You’ll receive an email post session outlining our agreed goals, plan of attack and any other helpful and discussed resources. 

It’s important to know that to see the best results we recommend at least 2-3 review sessions


Review session

(30 minutes)

What’s included: These sessions are designed to keep everything on track and alter goals as you progress through the stages of behaviour change. 

Making changes to the way you eat and how you feel about your body can be a lot. Our review sessions are here for ongoing support, guidance and for answering any questions that pop up along the way. Research shows that regular sessions with a qualified dietitian/nutritionist are way better than doing it alone, I mean who likes doing it alone? 


“Kick Diets in the B**.”

12-week program

As much as I’d like to wave a magic wand to achieve your health goals, this stuff takes time.

Years of diet culture, weight stigma and disordered eating are heavily ingrained habits that need sufficient support and guidance to work through. While I offer individual sessions, if you really want to kick dieting for good, join our 12-week program. 

What’s included:

Detailed Initial Assessment 

6 x review sessions 

Worksheets, practical tips and resources

Intuitive eating journal

Email support 

What you can expect & learn:  

– Why diets don’t work and how you ended up here

– The principles of intuitive eating and how this concept can provide food and body acceptance (finally)

– Practical step by step lessons on how to implement intuitive eating into your everyday

– Tailored and individualised advice with problem-solving along the way

How It’s different to other ‘programs.’

– This isn’t a self-paced program. It’s tailored to your situation and your needs. 12 weeks provides enough time to start learning and implementing the concepts of intuitive eating while being supported every step of the way through follow up sessions and email support.

How much is this investment 

in your health worth? 


$750 (valued at $1,200) 



Let’s chat for a minute (or 15)

Life’s expensive, before you spend another cent on another wellness program let’s make sure you’re going to get you what you’re after. That’s what these “discovery” calls are about, more for you than me. Book a time that works for you and I’ll give you call.

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Nutrition Advice

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weight inclusive. Body Positive. 

We use the non-diet approach to help our clients improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We focus on increasing the awareness and mindfulness of internal body cues and external food triggers to achieve more sustainable results. Non-dieting avoids common diet behaviours like restricting calories, frequent weigh-ins and recording calorie intakes. 


We are currently offering online  appointments only